Space is a roof that is unlimited and ever-expanding. It is stunning and mystical, yet so inspiring.

Space Group transmits the same quality by meeting limitless demands of time through implementation of contemporary business models with revolutionary technologies. We are continuously partnering with like-minded brands and companies on newer platforms that redefine the market and growth strategies. The Group craves for innovation and newness in its product, process and people for every future project just as it was from the beginning. We are aggressively reaching out towards becoming market leaders along with being a socially responsible corporation. Our 100% Green energy system strengthens our ambitions while our ever growing customer base fuels them. We are enthusiastically exploring new avenues in sectors like Consumer Products, Education, Research and Manufacturing.

We are SPACE. We create unlimited possibilities and provide unlimited opportunities.


The glittering jewel in Bangalore’s crown!

The Chennai Silks is Tamilnadu’s largest Textile Kingdom and has captured the hearts of its customers wherever it is. Behind it, lies a legacy of pride and the joy of customer service that shines on. With a beautiful history behind it, it’s a riveting story of passion, hard work and making a beautiful dream happen.

Our founder was a dynamic and enterprising weaver, Kulandavel Mudaliar who started business in 1954 by selling yarn. He diversified by starting a store at Madurai named Kasturibai Khadi Vastralayam, this was at a time when there was a strong effort to promote khadi. This store was well patronised by customers and expanded to other cities and towns too. Today his dream has grown into 16 The Chennai Silks stores and 19 jewellery stores under the brand name Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai.



Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai (SKTM) is a shopper’s paradise for exquisitely crafted & imported jewellery. SKTM is a fast emerging as a preferred destination for quality jewellery showcasing the fine creations from classic designs that reflects the convergence of traditional collections to modern artistic Jewellery in gold, diamond, platinum, silver and other precious stone ornaments with lower labor charges & affordable low wastage cost. We are familiar for our attractive, lightweight jewel design collections. You can even get the jewel customized by placing order according to specifications for those of your special occasions in life.

At current, we have 28 world class reputed showrooms across Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Andhra located at Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, Trichy, Karur, Tirunelveli, Namakkal, Ooty, Madurai, Vellore, Salem, Villupuram, Hosur, Udumalpet, Kumbakonam, Tuticorin, Thiruvallur, Hyderabad, Tanjavur, Chrompet, Rajapalayam and Krishnagiri and also with our Sree Kumaran connect silver showroom at Bhavani with our eternal valuable customers' support.



True to its commitment to the environment, Space Energy Divisions operates with over 8 windmills and one solar energy plant that harvest more than 9MW of Green power making the entire group operate independently along with contributing to balance the eco-system.

The alarming pollution level and the ever increasing demand for power have been the propelling factors behind the setting up of SCM Energy Division. Reinstating the Group's commitment to the environment, over 56 windmills have been installed to harness green power. Besides meeting a major percentage of the electricity need, it is an effort that goes a long way in sustaining the balance of our eco- system, which is very much the need of hour.


SCM Textile spinners manufacture and export yarn to domestic market. As exclusive spinning unit, it was established in 2003 at Coimbatore. Initially aimed at manufacturing 100% combed cotton yarn, the company is now gaining expertise in Auto coned SIRO cleared cotton yarns for various Warp and Hosiery applications. With a proposed expansion plan of additional spindleage and an OE Plant, SCM Spinners is well on its way to spinning success.



At Vikkys, we work hard to make happiness and fill every day by bringing you innovative products, products crafted with love and passion. From Personal Care to Healthcare and from Household Supplies to Food & Beverages, we have a wide range of products that makes life easier, better and happier.

Vikkys is spearheaded by Vikram Narayen who has a great deal of marketing expertise and has been associated with successful brands. Our team consists of professionals who are not only well-qualified but also have practical hands-on experience in the market. Every product at Vikkys is exceptional and of high quality. Vikkys Thulsi in Kashmir Honey, Chase Herbal Mosquito Repellent, Vikkys Facial Wipes, Vikkys Household Wipes and Vikkys Baby Wipes are some of the other products. By the end of this year, we plan to bring in at least 100 products. We have always given emphasis on quality. We make sure that quality never goes uncompromised at any stage right from raw material sourcing to end user at the retail outlets.

Our suppliers are chosen simply based on the unique attributes of the product, quality inspections and manufacturing capacities. Each product and its supply is chosen after a load of criteria that are being met. As we intend to distribute 100 products in the coming year, we ensure that our distributors have a solid foundation in distribution and a strong network to reach the end customers directly.



The Chennai Silks group renowned for its gorgeous and glorious textile products, jewelry, garment business and business ethics carrying a legacy of more than five decades in south india is now stepping into the new realm of education. The Chennai Silks group is now promoting a CBSE School Sri Nachammal Vidyavani with international ambience and state of the art infrastructure to enlighten and elevate "today's children to tomorrow's leaders".

The campus is equipped with modern facilities that are stimulating and supportive of the teaching – learning processes pursued to realize our philosophy. Our 15 acres campus is set in sylvan, pollution-free surroundings. The Campus houses classes from Pre KG to standard VII. Spacious and air conditioned class rooms are housed in four blocks.

The school follows CBSE curriculum. We are committed to following the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation of students.

The curriculum is designed to be in keeping with the latest educational trends and techniques and offers a wide variety of practical application avenues that make it both challenging and rewarding. As a quality school our aim is to develop each of its students to achieve excellence and realize their full potential in an environment of encouragement and acceptance.

Experienced and caring teachers and asst. teachers initiate the little ones of Kintergarten(KG) section into the world of knowledge through music, art, games and fun-filled activities. Development of basic motor skills and communicative skill constitute a major part of the learning experiences at KG level.

Value Education is an integral part of our school curriculum.

The school has a future plan to upgrade it with international curriculum like IGCSE and IB.


The Chennai Super Bazaar

The Chennai Super Bazaar - Hosur is located at the basement of The Chennai Silks building. We offer a wide variety of fresh Vegetables, fruits and the grocery items which are organized into sections and shelves. We are selling only the quality consumer products at the lowest price in the market. We are also undertaking the orders on call. Our aim is to create a complete shopping experience that combines best-in-class quality products, customer service and store experience. The list of household items a family needs can be found in the available hygienic ambience. A perfect choice to enhance your shopping day-out with your family.

Sri Nachaakids

Children are one-third of our population and all of our future and education is the only right path to show to our kids. It is with this motive, Sri NachaaKids playschool was inaugurated on 19th May, 2019. The playschool hopes to become an exemplary kindergarten in the city of Tirupur. One can say a lot about a person by just taking a look at his/her mentor. Sri NachaaKids is mentored by Achariya, a world-class educational institution that dedicates itself to the purpose of soulful education. With this kind of mentoring, our kids excel in every competitive scenario and become strong and unique individuals. Sri Nachaakids is also the first-ever Multiple Intelligence based life school in Tirupur.

This distinctive teaching method differentiates itself from the regular educational system by not judging a fish’s skill by its ability to climb trees. Howard Gardner, who identified seven intelligences initially, talking about the Multiple Intelligence theory states that “ the theory "documents the extent to which students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways”. That is, we accept the fact that every kid possesses their own talent and it is only fair if we work towards sharpening that particular talent.

This intelligence-based training method ensures no kid is excluded and identifies and develops each student’s talent. We host various activity days for kids to enhance their craft skills and learning abilities. Involving the kid in the teaching process itself makes learning an unforgettable fun experience. Sustainable growth and novel activity ideas are in the cards for the school.