SPACE is fashioned by unlimited possibilities! Founded in 2006, the SPACE Group prospered into multiple commercial sectors. Beginning with Textiles and Spinning, the Group stretched its factions towards large scale arenas like Exquisite Jewelry, Lifestyle Retailing and World Class Education. Space Group had a clear purpose and a highly insightful vision of providing value-based education when it stepped into the Education sector. The Group recently made its way into Energy Production and within the shortest time, the entire group operations are off grid and self-sustained using Green energy.

With a workforce of over 3000 employees the group has consistently grown over the past few decades and is constantly reaching out to new horizons. “The Chennai Silks” and “Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai” are some of the most celebrated brands under the Space Group that has reached the hearts of many people across the country.


From a humble beginning to building a vast empire, Mr.K.Vinayakam fulfilled the magnificent vision of his father Mr. A. Kulandaivel Mudaliyar, Founder of The Chennai Silks Group. Under Mr.K.Vinayakam’s dynamic leadership, the textile business that had a modest start has grown into a business conglomerate which is now into various domains. He carries the flame which started from the spark that is his father’s vision, to spread the light and conquer more boundaries. His exceptional wisdom made the textile kingdom, “The Chennai Silks” and the jewelry wing of Space Group, “Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai” to emerge as a brand icons. He epitomizes the dauntless entrepreneurial spirit and always marches on, with the group's vision to change the destiny of our nation.

With four decades of experience Mr.Vinayakam, the enterprising entrepreneur is the Chairman and Managing Director of Space Textiles Private limited. He is also the Managing Trustee of AKV Foundation and Sri Nachammal Vidyavani CBSE School. He is a proud recipient of many awards and accolades and now he is currently the Vice-Chairman of The Southern Indian Mills’ Association (SIMA).


As one would expect, the family perpetuates its tradition of quality, innovation and goodwill through Mr. Vikram, son of Mr. Vinayakam. He completed his BTech from PSG College of Technology and went on to pursue his higher studies from the University of Westminster. Today he develops innovative business strategies that survive the tests of time and changing trends.Space Group runs the AKV Foundation and Sri Nachammal Vidyavani School that was passionately opened in the name of his Grandmother. He carries an amazing dexterity in marketing with which he resourcefully associates & partners with successful brands and employees remarkable strategies.


  • 2018
    Funtime have introduced in The Chennai Silks Hosur to make it as a Complete Family Shopping Destination.
    The Chennai Silks
  • 2017
    Reached an average of monthly 10 Lakh+ Footfalls in The Chennai Silks - Hosur Unit.
    The Chennai Silks
  • 1985
    Reached 66,000 spindles operating capacity. Targeting at a 1 Lakh Spindleage
  • SEP 2014
    Grand launch of South India’s First Multi Capacity Shopping Destination at Hosur
    SEP 2014
    The Chennai Skills
  • JUNE 2015
    Mr. K. Vinayakam elected as the Vice Chairman of The Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA)
    JUNE 2015
    Significant Associations
  • 100% of the First Batch of 10 th Standard Students graduated from Nachammal Vidyavani School
    Nachammal Vidyavani
  • 9 to 12 Fiber yarns manufactured under the same campus with more than 300 variety yarns
  • In-house power consumption taken from SCM Energy making it a 100% Green Energy Group
    SCM Energy


  • Mr. K. Vinayakam,
    Founder Chairman – SPACE Group
  • Mr. V. Vikram Narayen,
    Executive Director – SPACE Group
  • Mrs. V. Meenakshi,
    Director – SPACE Group



A renowned industrial group offering the best quality products for over four decades with a focused entrepreneurial spirit.


Quality Services

A team of professionals steered by an enterprising management delivers quality products with the focus to reach customer's satisfaction.

Valuable Ideas

Built with more than hundreds of in-house brands delivering services in various fields with the aim to empower the future of many people.

Budget Friendly

Assures the best value for every product with quality and process control transactions. We work with the business ethics to serve social values.

Trusted by Peoples

We create unlimited possibilities and opportunities to serve people with our Consumer Products, Education, Research and Manufacturing.


  • 2006

    "SPACE GROUP- INCEPTED" Space Group was founded by Mr. K. Vinayakam with a passion to surpass current trends in the field of textile spinning and everything that makes a difference to our social eco system with cutting-edge technologies, streamlined processes and of course the uncompromised quality.
  • 2009

    "THE CHENNAI SILKS COIMBATORE- LAUNCHED" With more than hundreds of in-house brands, The Chennai Silks was set up in the heart of Coimbatore city by Space Group. The Chennai Silks is now building billion relationships with more than 10,000 customers every day and stands as an iconic brand.
  • 2012

    "AKV FOUNDATION- INAUGURATED" AKV Foundation was opened by Mr. Vikram in the name of his grandfather, a distinguished business man, a great visionary and a philanthropist. The Foundation devotedly works towards the benefit of the poor and the deprived in the areas of health, education and basic amenities
  • 2013

    "SRI NACHAMMAL VIDYAVANI- OPENED" The CBSE School was opened under AKV Foundation as it was Mr.Vinayakam’s vision to provide value-based education to the vibrant students and thereby empower the future of India. It is a co-educational institution that operates in nurturing the conscience and intellect of every student and provides
  • 2014

    "THE CHENNAI SILKS HOSUR - LAUNCHED" The Chennai Silks Hosur showroom blossomed as a surprise on the Highway bordering Hosur and Bengaluru. Known for its popular culture and diversity of its merchandise that spreads over a one lakh sqft showroom, it was the first Micro-Mall in Tamil Nadu that promises to be a one-stop family shopping destination.
  • 2015

    "100% GREEN ENERGY BY SPACE ENERGY DIVISION- ACHIEVED" Space Energy division was created with the vision to go 100% green by all their group companies. True to its vision it achieved its goal of being absolutely off grid by 2015. It provides to the 20+ MW of energy usage by group companies and beyond.
  • 2016

    "VIKKYS - LAUNCHED" Vikkys is a young, innovative company that aims to bring a revolution into Indian lifestyles with its unique FMCG products spanning the entire spectrum from organic honey to herbal mosquito repellent. Vikkys official website is www.vikkys.in
  • 2018

    "Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai - Mettupalalaym - Launched" Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai has launched yet another new branch in the heart of Mettupalayam Region by Space Group.With a fast emerging as a preferred destination for quality jewellery showcasing the fine creations from classic designs that reflects the convergence of traditional collections to modern artistic Jewellery in gold, diamond, platinum, silver and other precious stone ornaments with lower labour charges & affordable low wastage cost.
  • 2018

    "Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai - Krishnagiri - Launched" Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai has launched yet another new showroom in the heart of Krishnagiri Region by Space Group. With a huge variety of designs inspite of building a relationship with our customers every day!
  • 2018

    "The Chennai Super Bazaar - Hosur - Launched" The Chennai Super Bazaar is a supermarket was set up in the Basement 1 of The Chennai Silks - Hosur building by Space Group. We are selling the groceries, vegetables, fruits, etc., Our Store is now expanding and provides you with all range of necessary products for your household. It was located in the first Micro-Mall in Tamil Nadu that promises to be a one-stop family shopping destination.
  • 2019

    "Sri NachaaKids Playschool" was inaugurated on May, 2019. The playschool hopes to become an exemplary kindergarten in the city of Tirupur. One can say a lot about a person by just taking a look at his/her mentor. Sri NachaaKids is mentored by Achariya, a world-class educational institution that dedicates itself to the purpose of soulful education. With this kind of mentoring, our kids excel in every competitive scenario and become strong and unique individuals. Sri Nachaakids is also the first-ever Multiple Intelligence based life school in Tirupur.