Weaving New relationships with Novelty and Strong Ethos...

SPACE is fashioned by unlimited possibilities! Founded in 2006, the SPACE Group prospered into multiple commercial sectors. Beginning with Textiles and Spinning, the Group stretched its factions towards large scale arenas like Exquisite Jewelry, Lifestyle Retailing and World Class Education. Space Group had a clear purpose and a highly insightful vision of providing value-based education when it stepped into the Education sector.





Space Group recently made its way into Energy Production and within the shortest time, the entire group operations are off grid and self-sustained using Green energy.

With a workforce of over 3000 employees the group has consistently grown over the past few decades and is constantly reaching out to new horizons. “The Chennai Silks” and “Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai” are some of the most celebrated brands under the Space Group that has reached the hearts of many people across the country.

Prestigious Brands


Our Companies

We work tirelessly in launching new products with the finest quality in the market. We crave innovation and uniqueness in every project from the beginning with a socially responsible corporation.

We built a trust in the society with successful business strategies and customer's confidence.

Future Focus

Space is a roof that is unlimited and ever-expanding. It is stunning and mystical, yet so inspiring.

Space Group transmits the same quality by meeting limitless demands of time through implementation of contemporary business models with revolutionary technologies. We are continuously partnering with like-minded brands and companies on newer platforms that redefine the market and growth strategies. The Group craves for innovation and newness in its product, process and people for every future project just as it was from the beginning. We are aggressively reaching out towards becoming market leaders along with being a socially responsible corporation. Our 100% Green energy system strengthens our ambitions while our ever growing customer base fuels them. We are enthusiastically exploring new avenues in sectors like Consumer Products, Education, Research and Manufacturing.

We are SPACE. We create unlimited possibilities and provide unlimited opportunities.

Innovative Technologies

Limitless Opportunities

100% Green Energy System

Socially Responsible Corporation